The Couch to 5k Training Plan

Beginning to run for a beginner can be extremely tough, especially without a plan. The Couch to 5k Training plan can help any new runner start up in their running experience. If you follow it with a positive mindset, you will no doubt succeed.

All you need in order to begin this plan is some running shoes, around 10-30 minutes of a few days each week, and 10 weeks worth of motivation. Once you’ve started up, then you’ll be able to get off that couch and in shape in no time.

How to Use the Plan

Using the Couch to 5k Training Plan is simple. Just start your training on week 1, and progress through the days normally. In the beginning, you will be doing lots of walking as warm ups and cool downs. Later on, when you’ve experienced long periods of running, you won’t need to walk as much. Around week 6, you’ll stop walking as a warm up. Around week 9, you’ll be done with walking altogether.

The Couch to 5k Training Plan



  • Stretch after every workout to avoid injuries.
  • If you start developing an injury, STOP running before it gets worse and take a few days off.
  • This is only a rough outline of the perfect plan for you. You can change it as you need to.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard when you jog. Go at a comfortable pace.
  • Hydrate properly and energize yourself at least an hour before you run.
  • Make sure you have the correct running shoes

Article source: From Couch to 5K