Why Giving Back To Others Is Good For The Body And Soul

Volunteering makes an immeasurable difference in the lives of others. But did you know how much you help yourself by giving back? From lowering your stress level to boosting self-confidence; volunteering offers many health benefits - especially for older adults.

Just search the web: There are over 19 million hits for articles on how doing good helps people lead better, healthier lives. Start reaping these mental and physical health benefits today:

- Decrease your risk of depression

Volunteering with and for others increases social interaction and helps build a support system based on common commitment and interests—both of which have been shown to decrease depression.

- Enjoy a sense of purpose and fulfillment—and increase your self-confidence while you’re at it!
Stay physically and mentally active. A study released by Johns Hopkins University in 2009 revealed that volunteers actually increased their brain functioning. Volunteer activities get you moving and thinking at the same time.

- Reduce stress levels
By savoring your time spent in service to others, you’ll feel a sense of meaning and appreciation—both given and received—which can be calming.

- Experience “The Happiness" Effect
You know that feel-good sense you get after a vigorous workout? It comes from a release of dopamine in the brain. Helping others has that exact same effect—so the more you volunteer, the happier you become!

- Live longer
In 2002, doctors studied more than 6,300 retired persons over 65 and found that the volunteers among them had less than half the risk of dying compared with non-volunteers. Give back and enjoy a longer, more fulfilled life!

- Find global opportunities
Volunteering can open up opportunities to go abroad, as many organizations and programs put on “volunteerism” trips across the globe. Traveling spurs physical activity and mental planning while providing you different perspectives—literally and figuratively—on life.

- Get active now!
Ready to start experiencing these health benefits? We make it easy! Try volunteering at summer camps or coaching a sport.

Article Source: Create The Good