Why You Should Adopt A Pet From An Animal Shelter

Adopt today!

Adopting a shelter animal means you can save a life by giving an abandoned animal a safe and loving home! With an increase in commercial pet-breeding facilities and backyard breeders, many animals are subjected to the cruel and inhumane treatment that's often associated with puppy and kitten mills.

These facilities repeatedly force animals to produce litter upon litter while these unfortunate animals are often in intolerable environments, and are destroyed after they become unprofitable assets.

Here are a few great reasons why you should adopt from an animal shelter:

- There are a variety of animals to choose from at most shelters. They come in every age, shape, size, coat color, and breed mix, plus, you can find purebreds at shelters as well!

- Adopting from a shelter is less expensive than buying an animal from the pet store. (Score!) An added plus being, the older the animal, the more likely he/she has already been vaccinated! (Score again!)

- Adopting an older pet lets you skip through the bad kitty/puppy stage of development as they are usually housebroken i.e no chewing your shoes!

- Older pets make great companions for seniors as they require less physical exertion and attention.

- Most importantly you are supporting a valuable charity and community institution.

- When you adopt a pet from a shelter, you assist a not-for-profit organization, and this sends a message to others who will be asking you for years to come where you obtained your adorable pet.

Shelters like Furry Friends improve the community by mandating that adopted animals be spayed or neutered. This requirement diminishes chances that more unwanted animals will enter the world.